IKEA Responds To People Turning Its 40p Bag Into Balenciaga-Inspired Homemade Accessories

It's the gift that keeps on giving... 😂

The Internet keeps trolling IKEA and Balenciaga and the results are hilarious.

Since social media likened Balenciaga’s latest £1672 blue bag design to that of IKEA’s 40p bag a few months ago, people still can’t get enough of it.

From thongs and corsets to tracksuit bottoms and the wonderfully weird, social media users have now taken to Instagram to share their homemade fashion accessories made out of the well-loved IKEA shopping tote.

Stella Monteiro, Sales Leader for UK and Ireland told HuffPost UK:

“We are extremely flattered to seemingly be an inspiration for the latest catwalk designs. Our IKEA FRAKTA tote is one of our most iconic products which are already owned and loved by millions.”

Here are a few of our favourite IKEA-inspired fashion accessories from Instagram:

Tailor-made for my girl @aria.duan 👌 #IKEAMASK #HANDCRAFT #FRAKTA #FRAKTAMASK

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Wow, they sell everything at IKEA! #ikea #jockstrap

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#ikea #blue💙

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New bag ! #ikea #ikeakorea #boysofsummer #보이즈오브썸머

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i feel like Demna today😎 #ikea #balenciaga

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#Ikea #Ikeafashion #ikeabag #frakta #easycardbag #balenciaga #Taiwan

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