Illegal Rave Near Frome Shut Down By Police And Revellers 'Contained'

Several hundred people were 'contained' at the event.

Police will investigate an illegal rave which was closed down eight hours after residents first complained about it.

Members of the public began calling Avon and Somerset Police at 1.30am on Sunday about the unlicensed music event, The Press Association reported.

Officers attended the rural location, at Vallis Vale outside Frome, Somerset, and found several hundred people there.

Police attended the illegal rave (file photo).
Police attended the illegal rave (file photo).
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People were prevented from accessing the site, using section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, while those at the rave were "contained".

Residents also experienced a power outage through the early hours of the morning but this was unrelated to the illegal rave.

Police managed to turn the music off at 9.30am and began dispersing those taking part in the rave, as well as securing and preserving evidence.

"I called it in at 2am and it's louder than ever atm. We've had NO SLEEP!!!"

Chief Superintendent Ian Smith, of Avon and Somerset Police, said: "Unlicensed music events pose a serious risk to public safety and our primary focus had to be on bringing the event to a safe and controlled conclusion.

"There were a large number of people in attendance and we needed to have the right number of resources in place to make sure they could leave without putting themselves or others at risk."

Vallis Vale, near where the rave took place.
Vallis Vale, near where the rave took place.
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"We're aware there has been significant disruption to local residents and we'd like to assure people we were using all available powers to close it down safely.

"We'd like to apologise for the disruption caused and would also like to thank those affected for their patience while we dealt with this incident.

"We'll be carrying out an investigation to establish the full circumstances and to ensure all criminal offences are pursued.

"We'll also be liaising directly with residents to explain our response and the complexities of dealing with events of this nature."

Residents wrote on the force's Facebook page to plead with officers to stop the rave.

Shannon May Parsons posted a video of a street with music clearly audible, adding: "Get your act together".

Teresa Bray‎ posted: "PLEASE can someone do something about the all night rave going on in nr frome?

"I called it in at 2am and it's louder than ever atm. We've had NO SLEEP!!! Tried calling 101 but can't get through."

James P Parsons‎ added: "Come on Sue Mountstevens PCC for Avon & Somerset.

"Thought after 4 years you were geared up to serve the local community?

"Where are the local police to stop these illegal activities which are not only annoying and frustrating, but, causing loss of sleep could be life threatening!!"

Kate Charlton wrote: "I live in great elm and am staggered this is still going on. We've been awake since 1.30.

"I understand the lack of staff but as it's Sunday morning now there should be plenty of staff in now to shut this down. It's becoming a joke now. What a beautiful day so far being ruined by these people."


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