'I'm A Celebrity': New Bushtucker Trial 'To Pit Contestants Against Each Other'

'This trial is certain to divide the camp and cause friction.'

We’re almost a week into the new series of ‘I’m A Celebrity’, and things between the campmates are decidedly more harmonious than you might expect when you mix 12 celebrity egos with basic rations and harsh conditions.

In stark contrast to last year, when Lady Colin Campbell was sparking rows left, right and centre, the new batch of contestants are getting along famously, sorting out each other’s aches and pains in a massage train and sharing personal stories about their respective pasts.

However, it has been claimed that an upcoming Bushtucker Trial could be about to change all that, turning the campmates’ winter sun holiday into something reminiscent of ‘The Hunger Games’.

<strong>This series has been a love-in so far</strong>
This series has been a love-in so far

According to the Daily Star, an upcoming challenge will split the 12 contestants into two teams, who will then be pitted against each other, with one group getting luxury treatment, and the others getting a much rougher time of it.

An insider told the newspaper: “This trial is certain to divide the camp and will no doubt cause friction.

“It will be the real-life ‘Hunger Games’ when some celebs get to feast and others are left with empty stomachs.”

<strong>New arrivals Martin Roberts and Danny Baker</strong>
New arrivals Martin Roberts and Danny Baker

The Daily Star also claimed that the two newest arrivals in camp, Danny Baker and Martin Roberts, will both serve as team captains, who will then get to decide who they have on their side in the task.

So far, the contestants have done an impressive job with their Bushtucker Trials, starting with the ‘Tomb Of Torment’ task, in which the group were able to bag a meal for everyone.

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