Danny Baker

The media's persistent hounding of Meghan Markle shows our national conversation on race is lagging badly. When will we accept that structural inequality is the bedrock for racial abuses? Ravi Ghosh writes.
The presenter lost his job after posting an offensive tweet about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's newborn son.
The comedian admitted he "genuinely didn't know" what the atmosphere would be like at the show.
Scotland Yard has confirmed the force received an allegation in relation to the tweet.
Is it surprising that a 61-year-old white man and his sympathisers think outrage against him is political correctness gone mad? No. White privilege has long whitewashed racist, inflammatory language as accidental 'unconscious bias'
The presenter was dismissed after sharing a tweet about the royal baby.
Baker’s tweet perpetuating the image of black people as sub-human says so much about race relations in Britain today