'I'm A Celebrity': Danny Baker And Martin Roberts CONFIRMED As Late Arrivals To Line-Up

Danny Baker's been pulling our leg, it would seem.

This year’s ‘I’m A Celebrity’ contestants are settling in nicely in the jungle, but what they don’t realise is that there won’t be 10 of them for much longer.

And no, we don’t mean there’s a surprise elimination on the cards - there will actually be two late arrivals to camp later this week.

On Thursday night (17 November) viewers will see broadcaster Danny Baker and ‘Homes Under The Hammer’ host Martin Roberts making their shock debut Down Under.

<strong>Martin Roberts (on the left)</strong>
Martin Roberts (on the left)
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While being a late arrival in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ might seem like a difficult hurdle to overcome, what with everyone else on the show having already spent a good few days in each other’s company, it didn’t exactly harm last year’s winner, Vicky Pattison’s chances, did it?

Both Martin and Danny had previously been tipped to appear on the show, but the latter in particular had done a good job of throwing his Twitter followers off the scent.

<strong>That kangaroo will probably be less comfortable snuggling up to Danny when he finds out what's on the menu...</strong>
That kangaroo will probably be less comfortable snuggling up to Danny when he finds out what's on the menu...
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In the past couple of weeks, he’s been doing everything in his power to convince his social media followers that he won’t be heading into ‘I’m A Celebrity’, with a string of posts mocking the very idea of it.

Reports of Danny’s appearance in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ first emerged at the tail-end of last month, just days after he announced that he’d been told by doctors he was cancer-free, six years on from his initial diagnosis.

According to The Sun, Danny signed up for the show not long after being given the news by medics, and will be heading Down Under next month for the new series.

See them make their ‘I’m A Celebrity’ debut in Thursday’s show, at 9pm on ITV.

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