Kezia Dugdale Receives 'Warning' From Labour Party Following 'I'm A Celebrity' Appearance

Her 'unauthorised absence' has not gone down well with her colleagues.

Scottish Labour MP Kezia Dugdale has been given an official warning from her party over her recent appearance on ‘I’m A Celebrity’.

Kezia was a late addition to this year’s line-up, with speculation quickly mounting over whether she’d be suspended, having not been granted permission to take part in the reality show.

Labour has now issued a statement, explaining that after a meeting with Kezie, she has been slapped with a warning over what they’ve dubbed an “unauthorised absence from Parliament for three weeks”.

Kezia Dugdale on 'I'm A Celebrity'
Kezia Dugdale on 'I'm A Celebrity'

A spokesperson said: “Today Kezia Dugdale MSP was interviewed by the Scottish Labour parliamentary group executive regarding her unauthorised absence from Parliament for three weeks.

“Following a discussion between Richard Leonard, Kezia Dugdale, and the group executive, it has been decided that the group will reprimand Ms Dugdale by way of written warning. She will not face further action.”

Kezia previously said that she wanted to take part in ‘I’m A Celebrity’ to try and show a more “human” side of politicians to the British public.

Kezia in the somewhat more formal setting of Scottish Parliament
Kezia in the somewhat more formal setting of Scottish Parliament
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

She eventually became the second contestant to be booted out of the show, making headlines since her elimination for refusing to be interviewed by Piers Morgan in a scheduled appearance on ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’.

Upon leaving the jungle, she said: “[I wanted to] take on the myth that every politician looks like Stanley [Johnson, fellow contestant] - old, white, male, pale and stale.

“I wanted to show that there is a variety of people out there.”

Kezia is far from the first politician to land herself in trouble for appearing on ‘I’m A Celebrity’, though, as we noted prior to this year’s series launch.

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