25/01/2019 14:26 GMT

People Are Sharing The Jobs They Wanted As 5-Year-Olds – And The Results Are Hilarious

A dancing doctor and a policeman clown. Why not?

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What would you be doing now, if you had the career you’d envisaged for your five-year-old self?

For me, it would be a strange mix of a writer-ballerina... who’s also a bus driver. A true multi-tasking role. For my daughter, who’s now six, it would be a dancing doctor, who’s also an astronaut and a childminder. And good luck to her – everyone’s got to have a dream, haven’t they?

People have been sharing what their alter-egos would be doing today, had their childhood wishes come true, and it’s made for some pretty hilarious results. 

Canadian blogger Eric Alper kicked the conversation off on Twitter. 

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And people were quick to respond with their deepest hopes and dreams. 

There was a policeman clown

And a Broadway star with a special talent

Someone came up with an interesting mix of an astronaut-president

One guy reminded us that sometimes, the sweetest dreams are the smallest

And another showed us when kids fall in love, it can get extremely specific

Everyone had Max’s dream. EVERYONE.

Others left us gasping with familiarity – and envy


And the most familiar dreams were... well, the ones some of us still have today