These Insane Exam Cheating Devices Show How Far People Are Willing To Go

Some of these are unbelievable...

Cheating in exams has, unsurprisingly, become far easier to do since the dawn of smartphones and smart watches.

But as exam cheating devices get smarter so too do invigilators who devise increasingly complex ways of catching those miscreants in the act.

With China going so far as to actually use drones to spy on potential cheaters here are an astonishing collection of DIY gadgets and inventions which show just how far some people are willing to go in order to not actually do any revision.

Cheating Exam

Despite everything, cheaters will still fight back.

From printing off custom labels for water bottles to actually hiding an iPhone inside a calculator you have to give some credit to this collection of school rebels who figured that spending a week hiding exam questions inside a digital watch was a more productive use of their time than just remembering those facts to begin with.