Ikea Threw Some Serious Insta Shade And We Love It

This genius insta-mocking Ad from IKEA shames us all.

Ikea isn’t just a purveyor of Swedish furniture, but harsh truths, too.

In the furnishings chain’s newest ad, those of us who obsessively Instagram our meals are dealt a serious dose of reality.

The clip shows an 18th-century bourgeoisie family about to tuck in to a massive meal, only to be halted by the arrival of a painter who’s been ushered in to document the moment.

What ensues is a frantic trip around town to get the painting approved by other well-to-do friends, who give it either a thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

It’s a literal interpretation of what happens when we throw a picture of our dinner into the social media void.


The cheeky social commentary is clearly telling everyone to chill out about posting food to the ‘gram, and instead enjoy time with family like we’re supposed to.

Presumably, the ad is also meant to sell some tables and chairs, but we’re not thinking about which living room set we should purchase when it’s all over. We’re wondering: To ‘gram or not to ‘gram?