Instant Hotel: If You Love Four In A Bed, Here's 22 Reasons Why You Need To Check In To This Netflix Series

Turns out us Brits have nothing on the Aussies.

Many an hour can be wasted of a hungover Sunday, binge-watching reruns of Four In A Bed.

Since its debut in 2010, the show, which sees four BnB owners taking it in turns to host as the other couples rate their establishments, has become famed for its pettiness among the contestants.

But if you thought Brits were bad, then clearly you are yet to see Australia’s take on the format, Instant Hotel.

The series, which focuses on Air BnBs rather than the traditional guest house, first aired Down Under back in 2017, but is reaching a whole new fanbase after making its way onto Netflix earlier this year.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s 22 reasons why you absolutely should...

1. The series is full of proper Aussie characters, like the adorable Mark and Jannine

2. And the sublimely ridiculous, Margarita-loving Babe...

3. Some of the Instant Hotels featured in the show are interesting to say the least

4. And some of them really could do with employing the phrase ‘less is more’

5. Many of the participants have ideas above their station, and are at pains to tell everyone why they are better judges of taste than anyone else

6. While it Britain, we usually employ the tactic of being lovely to people’s faces and say everything else behind their backs, this lot do not operate on the same basis

7. All the rooms in each Instant Hotel are not assigned, meaning the contestants have to come up with inventive ways of fighting it out when it comes to deciding who is sleeping where

8. With the aim of the game to score as many points from the guests as possible, there’s many little ways in which the owners try and do this, one of which are the Welcome Packs – sometimes though, they are a little too welcoming, if you catch our drift

9. Some have unusual ways of trying to bump up their marks, but this can lead to mixed results...

10. Because with this bunch, even a nice dinner party can escalate into an awkward row

11. During the show, the contestants also have the chance to convey their feelings to camera, and the shade of it all is deliciously brilliant

12. Meanwhile, the activities the hosts arrange for their guests are unlike anything you would get here in the UK

13. And not ones we’d be in any sort of rush to go and do

14. We especially love it when the outings introduce us to characters even more colourful than the contestants themselves

15. When it comes to the all-important feedback, none of it is anonymous...

16. And the comments are WAY more savage than anything ever left in the Four In A Bed guestbooks

17. They will even score them down over things that are out of their control

18. The contestants also get to find out how they scored each other as the competition goes along, allowing for much more tactical gameplay

19. In a twist of the Four In A Bed format, the property owners also get to score their guests, meaning they can seek revenge if their place gets a low mark

20. However, to prevent the scoring from descending into complete chaos, the Instant Hotels are also independently judged by steely (but faaaabulous) hospitality expert Juliet Ashworth...

21. And let us tell you, she is not afraid to tell people if their place doesn’t come up to her standards. Alex Polizzi has nothing on her.

22. One thing we will never understand, though, is why the competitors always bring so much luggage with them when they are literally staying for one night?

Instant Hotel is available to stream on Netflix now.