How To Spot Santa: International Space Station Reveals When 'Santa's Sleigh' Will Pass Over The UK

Love this 🎅.

As a child, there is nothing more exciting than the magic of Santa Claus.

And you can make that experience even more special by showing them when Santa’s sleigh “passes through UK skies” this December.

*Little eyes, look away now*.

The International Space Station (ISS) is set to pass over the UK (which will be one of the brightest things in the sky) on the 21 December.

In 2015, the ISS passed through UK skies on the 24 December, giving parents the opportunity to tell children it was Santa on his sleigh. And it worked a treat.

The ISS will have a “low pass” through UK skies on 21 December from 5pm to 5.02pm. It orbits Earth at 17,500mph for 200 miles and appears as a bright star moving across the sky.

Tricia Shay Photography via Getty Images

If you want to try and catch Santa earlier, there will also be a “low pass” of the ISS on the 18 December from 6pm until 6.02pm.

“All you need to know is when and where the ISS will be passing over your location,” the website states.

“The United Kingdom (British Isles) is small enough for most of us who live there to see the ISS at the same time.”

To find out exactly where the ISS will be throughout December, head to the MeteorWatch website. Or if you’re really excited, use NASA’s location tool to see where it will be from your location.

Don’t want to miss it? Download the Night Sky 4 app to find out exactly where the ISS and how to see it.

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