Is An Abundance Bowl The Easiest Way To Make Money Ever?

*Manifesting millions*
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Manifestation TikTok is at it again. This time: how to make millions with an abundance or money bowl. Set to the song Money Mantra by Moonlight Scorpio that goes, “Money flow quickly, money flow easy”, creators are creating bowls full of herbs and crystals to quickly manifest their money goals.

Shawna of the TikTok account The Magick Spoon shared her guide to creating one at home, instructing viewers to fill a bowl with salt or rice (for purification and protection), and to then draw a dollar or pound symbol into the salt or rice, add a green candle to represent money, cinnamon for abundance, orange for prosperity, a citrine crystal to attract riches, money (either coins or notes are fine – the universe isn’t fussy!) and a sprinkle of dried mint for success.

Commenters were quick to share their success with their own bowls, with one user sharing, “Umm, so I finally got around to doing this yesterday and my boss called me TODAY and said I was getting a $2.70 hourly pay increase!”

Another said, “This actually works. I’ve been doing this for a year and the money flow trickles when the candle burns out.”

“I’ll do anything but work” shared someone else. Relatable.

You can mix and match your bowl to your personal tastes, with the best stones and crystals for abundance being citrine, jade, peridot, tiger’s eye and rose quartz. The best herbs to use are supposedly mint, cinnamon, cloves and bay leaves.

What to do after you’ve made your bowl? Well, manifest, of course! Light your candle and set your intentions – how much money do you want to flow to you?

Where do you want it to come from – a new job, a lottery win? Creators suggest being really specific in your manifestation to increase your chances of it working. TikTok ‘witches’ say that creating or refreshing your bowl at the start of the month or on the new moon makes the manifestation super potent.

Now just to think about what we’ll spend our millions on…