'Is That A Joke?': Sky News Presenter Roasts Tory Minister Over £4m Funding Announcement

Wilfred Frost told Chris Philp: "It's not very much."
Chris Philp was grilled by Wilfred Frost on Sky News.
Chris Philp was grilled by Wilfred Frost on Sky News.
Sky News

A Sky News presenter mocked a Tory minister this morning over a £4 million spending announcement on new police technology.

Wilfred Frost told Chris Philp “it’s not very much” as he grilled him this morning.

Introducing the minister on the channel’s breakfast programme, Frost said: “The government’s announcing that it will invest a further £4 million to tackle knife crime today and Chris Philp is here to discuss that - he’s the minister of state for crime, policing and fire.”

Turning to the minister, he said: “With the greatest of respect, £4 million - is that a joke, it’s not very much.”

Philp replied: “This is part of a quarter of a billion pound programme for new police technology.”

Frost said: “So fair to say that today’s announcement of a further £4m is adding to £250 [million]? It’s a minor increase then.”

The minister clarified that the £4m was included in the overall amount and would be spent on new technology allowing police to scan people for knives at a distance.

Frost said: “Good of you to clarify that the £4 million announced today is not in fact additional.”

Philp was mocked last month after he asked whether Rwanda and Congo were different countries during an appearance on Question Time.

He later insisted he had been asking “a rhetorical question”.


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