24/04/2016 16:43 BST | Updated 24/04/2016 16:43 BST

Islamic State Mass Yazidi Graves Unearthed In Iraq

Hundreds of Yazidis were executed by the terror group.

Warning: Graphic content.

Human remains left in mass graves by self-proclaimed Islamic State militants are being unearthed by spring rains in Iraq.

In 2014 at least 500 members of the Yazidi Kurdish sect were "executed", with some victims being buried alive.

Now the bones of Yazidis killed by the terror group, also known as Isis, have been discovered in Sinjar.

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    Bones have been unearthed from one of the many mass graves in Sinjar, Iraq.
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    Thousands of Yazidis were executed and buried by Islamic State militants in 2014. 
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  • Verifeye Media
    Human remains have been unearthed.
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    Clothing has been found.
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  • Verifeye Media
    Spring rains unearth teeth.
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International organisations said that a formal exhumation process of the sites will begin soon, but exact starting times remain unknown and details vary.

Human bones, hair and clothing are among the items that have been found.

The Yazidi were described as "devil worshippers" by members of Isis at the time and those killed were given the option to convert to Islam or die.

The victims included women and children.

The persecution of the ancient minority, who lived in northern Iraq, took place as hundreds of women were taken captive and imprisoned in Mosul.

According to an official in Baghdad at the time, the prisoners were used or sold as sex slaves.