Daniel Pearl World Music Days Concert: His Music Lingers On!

Preetam Kaushik | Posted 22.09.2014 | UK Entertainment
Preetam Kaushik

This year, the 13th annual celebration of will commence on October 1, 2014. The pattern is simple and has a format that is 'all inclusive'. Musicians across the world can sign-up, register, making a dedication from the stage for the World Music Days, through the month of October.

TfL 'Bars' Adverts From Zionist Group Comparing Hamas To ISIS

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 22.09.2014 | UK

Transport for London has reportedly refused to run adverts from a British Zionist group which compared the Gaza Strip's Hamas to the Islamic State bec...

This Gay Club Night Poster Actually Mocked Up An IS Beheading With Male Models

The Huffington Post UK | Jessica Elgot | Posted 22.09.2014 | UK

A popular gay club night has sparked both anger and confusion after mocking up images of Islamic State beheadings of western captives using buff male ...

The UK Must Take a More Pro-Active Stance on the Nagorno Karabakh Issue

Fiyaz Mughal | Posted 22.09.2014 | UK Politics
Fiyaz Mughal

The time really is now for the United Kingdom to take a lead in brokering some form of agreement based on United Nations resolutions. Leaving President Putin to play the diplomat and honest broker between both parties simply means that Russia's influence on the region is maintained and surrounding satellite nations remain subservient to its geo-strategic and geo-political wishes.

Book Review: The Inevitable Caliphate: A History of the Struggle for Global Islamic Union, 1924 to the Present' by Reza Pankhurst

Faisal Hanif | Posted 22.09.2014 | UK Politics
Faisal Hanif

Reza Pankhurst's latest work doesn't have the poetic endurance of Shakespeare but its central premise is concerned with the dilemma so eloquently posed by the master playwright in Hamlet. The tragedy of the Danish prince that has endured as a fictional masterpiece of English drama has played out in the Muslim conscious for nigh on a hundred years.

Hostage's Wife Pleads With Islamic State

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 21.09.2014 | UK

The wife of British hostage Alan Henning has called on "the people of the Islamic State to see it in their hearts to release my husband", describing h...

Islamic State Releases Turkish Hostages

AP/ The Huffington Post UK | Posted 20.09.2014 | UK

Dozens of Turkish hostages seized by Islamic militants in Iraq three months ago have been freed and safely returned to Turkey, Turkish Prime Minister ...

Hunger for Fame - #NotInMyName

Dilly Hussain | Posted 19.09.2014 | UK
Dilly Hussain

After ISIS executed British aid worker David Haines, the group is now threatening to kill another aid worker, Alan Henning. While it is categorically against Islam to arrest and murder non-combatants, be it aid workers or journalists, we have witnessed another episode of senseless apologetic condemnations from British Muslim leaders.

Meet The Young British Muslims Rejecting ISIS With Their #NotInMyName Campaign

The Huffington Post UK | Jack May | Posted 18.09.2014 | UK Universities & Education

A group of young British Muslims has launched a campaign to reject ISIS, whose violent acts in recent weeks have drawn international condemnation. ...

Mehdi Hasan

ISIS Is Trying To 'Suck The West' Into A New War

HuffingtonPost.com | Mehdi Hasan | Posted 17.09.2014 | UK Politics

ISIS is deliberately trying "to suck the west" into a new war in Iraq, one of the world's leading experts on Islamist terrorism has warned. Speakin...

The Case for Ignoring Isis' Killings

Joe Dyke | Posted 17.09.2014 | UK Politics
Joe Dyke

Put simply, it may be better to downplay these murders than to allow them to dominate the narrative. This is far from a simple task - especially as the nature of social media has (rightly) weakened the ability of news organisations to control the debate. But any serious assessment of policy must recognise that this violence is a tool and Western policymakers are being manipulated into making rash judgements.

ISIS and Clerical Fascism

John Sargeant | Posted 16.09.2014 | UK Politics
John Sargeant

The need to fight fascism and prevent genocide are as close to self evident truths as humanity might wish to invent. When both present themselves in the form of ISIS the question is how, rather than why, they must be destroyed.

Fighting to Protect Failure: Another War to Mop Up After the Last Ones

Paul Reynolds | Posted 16.09.2014 | UK Politics
Paul Reynolds

British journalists are wrong. Countries do not frequently go to war without strategies, with flimsy aims, bad intel, or for spurious reasons. If it appears that they are doing so, then it is usually because war aims have to be concealed. Concealment can be necessary for many reasons.

Avengers Assemble - Obama's Anti-ISIS Task Force

Dilly Hussain | Posted 16.09.2014 | UK Politics
Dilly Hussain

With the Middle East's biggest players coming together under the US-led campaign against ISIS, I couldn't help but draw comparisons to Marvel's Avengers Assemble. While Obama can justifiably play the lead role of Nick Fury, is ISIS on the other hand as formidable as Loki? With the military capability of the GCC and Egypt alone, what chance does ISIS really have against a unified effort by neighbouring states?

Who'd Be Dumb Enough To Sign A Petition To SUPPORT Isis?

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 16.09.2014 | UK Universities & Education

Who'd be dumb enough to support Isis? Wait... Oh....

ISIS' Use of Social Media Is Not Surprising; Its Sophisticated Digital Strategy Is

Alessandro Bonzio | Posted 15.09.2014 | UK Tech
Alessandro Bonzio

The recent migration of many jihadist organizations to social media reflects a desire to expand their targeted audience one step further. Password-protected forums - up until recently the main virtual gathering place for al-Qaeda supporters - made content particularly difficult to access for wannabe jihadists, while also representing a common target for the security services' disruption efforts.

Britain 'Can't Rule Out' Sending In Ground Troops To Fight IS

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 15.09.2014 | UK

Britain cannot rule out having to send in ground troops to do "the dirty work" in the fight against Islamic State (IS) because air power alone is not ...

Who Should Tackle ISIS? John Oliver Has The Answer

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 15.09.2014 | UK Comedy

ISIS is rapidly spreading throughout the Middle East. One country needs to step up and take action. "Peru should really do something about this...

British Aid Worker In David Haines Execution Video Named

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 14.09.2014 | UK

The Foreign Office has confirmed that the second British aid worker threatened with beheading by Islamic State militants is 47-year-old Alan Henning. ...

David Haines 'A British Hero'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 15.09.2014 | UK

David Haines, the aid worker murder by Islamic State, has been described as "a British hero" by Prime Minister David Cameron, who praised the "extraor...

'Don't Call Them Islamic State,' Plead Muslims

The Huffington Post UK/PA | Posted 14.09.2014 | UK

Politicians and the media should stop referring to the extremist group controlling parts of Syria and Iraq as "Islamic State" in a bid to discourage B...

Tributes Paid To David Haines, The British Aid Worker 'Beheaded' By ISIS

PA/Huffington Post UK | Posted 15.09.2014 | UK

The brother of British aid worker David Haines, who was beheaded by Islamic militants, has paid tribute to him after a video of his murder surfaced on...

British Islamic State Hostage 'Executed'

The Huffington Post UK | Posted 13.09.2014 | UK

David Haines, the British hostage being held by Islamic State (IS), has been beheaded in a new video released by the terrorist group, it has been repo...

Why Obama's Strategy Against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria Is Likely to Fail

Dr Johan Franzén | Posted 12.09.2014 | UK Politics
Dr Johan Franzén

The strategy of "degrading and destroying" ISIS this way is therefore likely to fail without a comprehensive political solution involving an equitable share of power for the Sunni population in Iraq, a withdrawal of American support for Syrian rebels, and the forcing of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf states to stop sponsoring Islamist terrorist groups throughout the region.

London Children 'Are Being Trained As Junior Jihadis'

The Huffington Post UK | Charlotte Meredith | Posted 13.09.2014 | UK

London children under the age of ten are being "trained as jihadists" the city's Deputy Mayor has said as he issued a stark warning on the threat to t...