Trump Mocked For Botching Name Of Isis Offshoot In Fox News Ramble

The former president also claimed he “knocked out 100 percent of the Isis caliphate."

Donald Trump is still struggling with names.

In a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity on Thursday, the former US president claimed he “knocked out 100 percent of the Isis caliphate” but that a “new Isis” has formed: “Isis-X.”

The group operating in Afghanistan, which claimed responsibility for Thursday’s deadly attack in Kabul, is actually Isis-K, which stands for Islamic State Khorasan.

Khorasan is a historical term for Afghanistan and the surrounding region.

Trump eventually got the name right.

As is his tendency, however, he didn’t admit he botched it, only that he was predicting the future.

“They’ll have an Isis-X pretty soon, which is gonna be worse than ISIS-K,” he told Hannity.

His critics fired back:


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