Islamophobic Graffiti Appears In Dublin After Brussels Attacks, Is Immediately Turned Into A Compliment

That's more like it.

In the wake of the terror attacks on Brussels this week, someone took it upon themselves to daub Islamophobic graffiti on a wall in Dublin.

The message, which read "All Muslims are scum", appeared on a wall near the Irish capital's Croke Park stadium.

But one person decided to change the hateful slogan to something rather more inclusive...

The amended graffiti instead professed: "All Muslims are sound".

Pictures of the amended graffiti quickly spread across social media and journalist Brian Whelan's tweet featuring them had received over 360 favourite s and almost 400 retweets at the time of writing.

It is sadly not unusual for Islamophobic hate crimes to spike after terror attacks.

IS has claimed responsibility for Tuesday's attacks on Brussels, which left at least 34 dead and hundreds injured.