It Turns Out Your Penis May Be Longer Than You Think

Have we got news for you...
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Okay before we start, size does not matter. You know what I’m talking about.

Society has placed so much emphasis on the length and width of a penis but it really is not the be-all and end-all.

However, our favourite TikTok doctor Dr Karan Raj may have some interesting news for people with a penis.

In a stitched TikTok video, Dr. Raj says “Extremely fun fact, your purple-headed cyclops is twice as long as you think it is.”

He shows an MRI scan of a penis and explains that: “You can see clearly that half the length of the didgeridoo extends inside the pelvic region forming a boomerang shape, you just don’t see it.”


Its whats inside that counts!

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Dr Raj then goes on to show the root of the penis which is in a fixed place to the pubic bone by the suspensory ligament.

“And sometimes for penis lengthening surgery, they cut this but unfortunately it doesn’t make your willy wonka any longer, it just makes it hang lower and you lose the angle of your dangle,” Dr Raj says.

Additionally, a study analysed the size of penises for over 30 years and found that the average size of an erect penis has increased. Though the boys (and girls) might be smiling, this isn’t actually good news.

Penis growth over the past three decades could be linked to poor eating habits such as binge eating junk food or even pollution.

The Stanford University study which was published in the World Journal of Men’s Health, looked at data from 75 studies with over 55,000 men from 1992 to 2021 and focused on the length of an erect penis.

The exact reasonings for the causes cannot be determined without looking at more findings. Dr. Michael Eisenberg, the study’s author said assumed he would see a decrease in length however, he was wrong.

So yes, your penis may be longer in theory (or in actuality) but at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter does it? Here’s to celebrating different penis sizes and all they can do.