15/03/2017 13:36 GMT

Cheltenham Festival Has Us Blushing After ITV Broadcasts Naked Jockey

😳 😳 😳

ITV’s coverage of the Cheltenham festival isn’t exactly off to a flying start, after they accidentally showed one jockey’s penis in the middle of the afternoon.

We’re sure there’s a joke in there about “penises” and “jockeys” to be made, but we’ll let you fill in the blanks yourself.

As part of its first ever year broadcasting coverage of the horse-racing event, ITV live-streamed an interview from the jockeys’ changing room - so, admittedly, they were clearly playing with fire - on Tuesday (14 March) afternoon.

Mid-interview, viewers were treated to the briefest of glimpses at 27-year-old jockey Patrick Mullins, as he casually strolled past the camera completely in the nuddy.

Seconds before the unfortunate gaffe
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