26/11/2017 21:09 GMT | Updated 27/11/2017 10:46 GMT

Unfortunate ITV News Editor Gets Trapped In A Glass Lift Going Up And Down For An Hour

Fair play to Mike Rigby, who seemed pretty chill about it.

If you’ve had an unusual weekend, spare a thought for ITV Programme Editor Mike Rigby.

He got trapped in a glass lift as it surged up and down, and appeared powerless to stop it from happening.

Footage of his incarceration was posted on Twitter by ITV colleague Paul Brand, who detailled the elevator odyssey.

The political correspondent wrote: “Our Programme Editor Mike Rigby has currently been going up and down in a lift for half an hour with no sign of escape.

“The bulletin could be sparse without his heavy LIFTing.”  

... 15 minutes later ...

... closing in on an hour ...

... and finally, freedom!

But other ITV colleagues appeared keen to give the story legs ...

... and it seems it’s not the first time the unfortunate editor has been at the mercy of lift engineers ...

... but as yet another colleague revealed, he seemed to take it all in good spirits.