26/08/2017 13:18 BST

Ivanka Trump Tweets About Thank You Cards And No One Is Convinced

'Wow, your dad's drawings look great.'

You’d have thought given how many times her father has fallen foul of Twitter, Ivanka Trump might have learned to be a little cautious about what she puts online.

But no.

Ivanka, who has faced criticism in her role as an aide in her father’s administration, decided to show off her “fan mail” on Twitter

It was not clear what her “fans” were writing to thank her for.

Unfortunately for her, the response was as you’d probably expect.

Speculation was, of course, rife about who wrote the letters, with some suggesting the President himself favoured snail mail to express his admiration of his daughter...

While others pointed the finger at Sarah Huckabee:

Or even simply an intern:

Some eagle-eyed people spotted a interesting addition to one of the letters...

Some people went for a real deep-dive analysis...

And the same question was on many users’ lips...