I’ve Been On 3 Game Shows, Here’s How To Get On And Win

Becoming a contestant on game shows isn't as hard as it seems.
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If there’s one thing us Brits bloody love, it’s a good old game show. In fact, according to ITV, the most popular game show on TV right now, The 1% Club, is averaging 5.8 million viewers in consolidated figures.

Additionally, for those of us that reckon we could definitely ace a game show, there’s pipe dream that we’ll find ourselves in the hot seat, taking on challenges presented to us.

How is it done, though? How do you get on shows and what should we expect?

Well, one TikToker, @Infoxicating, has exactly the answers that we need.

How to get on game shows and win

In the mammoth 9 minute video, the TikTok creator shares just how she got on Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and Let’s Make A Deal, as well as providing tips on how to get on shows like them yourself.

What to expect during the vetting process for game shows

Rebecca revealed that on all game shows, contestants are put through a tough vetting process where they have to take and of course, pass, multiple tests. As these are general knowledge tests, they’re not really ones that contestants can study for, but failing them does mean that you’re ‘cut from round one’.

Unless, that is, you go on Wheel of Fortune, where according to the game show expert, you instead have to pass a Hangman-style puzzle.

Rebecca said: ”[During this first stage], it doesn’t even matter about your personality. You have to get through the tests first, so don’t apply for a show that’s talent-based or knowledge-based if you can’t handle that kind of thing.”

How to make your personality shine on a game show

Rebecca urged that more than anything, you need to remember that the crew are ‘always watching you’.

She said: “Diva attitudes will get you nowhere. If you’re mean, that will get you nowhere. If you’re really quiet and you’re like the girl from Pitch Perfect, and no one can hear what you’re saying...that’s a problem”

Instead, she advises, be personable.

“Game shows are looking for the same kind of people. They’re looking for outgoing, exciting and friendly (people), but they’re also looking for people who are grateful.”

Be a team player

Of course, plenty of game shows aren’t team-based but you should still be a good sport with other contestants and a warm presence.

She explained: “If someone next to you gets a letter or gets a prize and you’re just throwing shade or whatever, they(show makers) don’t want that either.

“All of these shows are about positivity. There’s really no game show anymore that is about people tearing each other down reality, yes, game shows, no.

“They just want you to be happy for everybody.”

I guess taking part really should be half of the fun.


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