Jacob Elordi's Former Co-Star Reacts To His Disparaging Comments About 'Ridiculous' Film

The Saltburn actor recently claimed he "didn't want to make" The Kissing Booth.
Jacob Elordi and Joey King attend a screening of The Kissing Booth in May 2018
Jacob Elordi and Joey King attend a screening of The Kissing Booth in May 2018
Rachel Murray via Getty Images

Jacob Elordi’s one-time co-star Joey King has spoken out after his disparaging remarks about the film franchise they appeared in together.

The two actors previously starred in the Netflix teen comedy The Kissing Booth, as well as its two sequels, the most recent of which began streaming in 2021.

Last month, the Euphoria actor – who has recently received a wave of praise for his performances in both Saltburn and Priscilla – spoke candidly about the trilogy, branding the films “ridiculous” and saying he “didn’t want to make” them.

Speaking to Variety, Joey said she thought it was “unfortunate” that “anyone would feel that way”.

“I had a great time making those movies no matter what anyone says,” she added.

Per Variety’s reporting, Jacob later insisted he was “incredibly grateful to everybody in it” while reflecting on his Kissing Booth experience.

Jacob Elordi
Jacob Elordi
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Last year, Jacob claimed he’d “gone to war” with Netflix over the Kissing Booth films, as he was felt his character should be allowed to smoke cigarettes on-screen.

“I remember saying, ’He smokes in the book. I need to smoke. He needs to have cigarettes. He’s a bad boy,” Jacob told GQ magazine in August 2022.

“I was like, ‘This is bullshit!’ I remember going to war for it. I was like, ‘Are we lying to the fucking millions of 14-year-olds out there? This guy smokes nicotine. It says here on page four – look!’ I imagine people were just like, ‘Jesus fucking Christ. Is this guy serious?’”

Should you wish to check out Jacob and Joey in action in The Kissing Booth for yourself, the films are streaming now on Netflix.


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