Jacob Rees-Mogg's Instagram Should Break The Internet

We are not worthy.

When you think Jacob Rees-Mogg, the bespectacled backbench Tory MP, you probably think Brexit. You might recall his long-standing nanny. And, if you write letters to the Daily Telegraph letters page, you might think of a future Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister.

It’s a strong case.

Yet you don’t expect the “MP for the 18th century” to be a social media star, a point underlined when the Somerset MP denied he was behind the @JakeReesMogg Twitter account.

Well, prepare for your expectations to be shattered.

The one, the only, Jacob Rees-Mogg
The one, the only, Jacob Rees-Mogg
PA Archive/PA Images

We know you’re probably deeply sceptical but hear us out and we’ll take you through some of the absolute gems that make up the Tory MP’s relatively new, little-celebrated Instagram account.

Admittedly, his first post was a little amateur, but he clearly wanted to make sure everyone knew where they stood with this account:

He soon realised the fans wanted something a little more personal though - and was happy to provide...

It soon became clear that like father, like son...

Absolutely brilliant.

Those captions though.

Nanny makes a reappearance...

Keeping it seasonal.

Did they really have a choice, Jacob?

Topical humour! What’s he like?!

Getting poetic.

If you’re not following this man, you are seriously, seriously missing out.

Well played, sir, Well played.


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