26/06/2017 15:23 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Isn't The Only Labour MP Whose Name Fits To 'Seven Nation Army'

WARNING: The song will be stuck in your head by the end of this.

Unless you’ve been deliberately cutting yourself off from all forms of news/television/internet over the past few weeks, you’ll no doubt have heard the ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ song.

It began at an event held at the Tranmere Rovers stadium and took off from there.

Perhaps the largest rendition to date has been at Glastonbury, where the Labour leader appeared on the iconic Pyramid Stage to give a speech.

PA Wire/PA Images
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks to the crowd from the Pyramid stage at Glastonbury Festival,

For the uninitiated, the ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ song involves singing precisely those words to the tune of the White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’, over and over.

But he’s not the only one who fits...

  • 1 Diana Johnson
    Diana Johnson
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 2 Angela Rayner
    Angela Rayner
    PA Wire/PA Images
  • 3 Kerry McCarthy
    Kerry McCarthy
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 4 Harriet Harman
    Harriet Harman
    PA Wire/PA Images
  • 5 Stephanie Peacock
    Stephanie Peacock
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 6 Lilian Greenwood
    Lilian Greenwood
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 7 Chuka Umunna
    Chuka Umunna
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  • 8 Catherine McKinnell
    Catherine McKinnell
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 9 Jonathan Reynolds
    Jonathan Reynolds
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 10 Angela Eagle
    Angela Eagle
    Empics Entertainment
  • 11 Seema Malhotra
    Seema Malhotra
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 12 Siobhain McDonagh
    Siobhain McDonagh
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 13 Bridget Phillipson
    Bridget Phillipson
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 14 Margaret Beckett
    Margaret Beckett
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 15 Andy McDonald
    Andy McDonald
    PA Archive/PA Images
  • 16 Jessica Morden
    Jessica Morden
    PA Archive/PA Images