James Charles Named As CoverGirl's First Ever 'CoverBoy'

So. Much. Yaaaas.

James Charles, a 17-year-old makeup artist from New York, has been named as the first ever male face of CoverGirl.

The beauty brand chose Charles to star in it’s new TV advert alongside long-time CoverGirl model Katy Perry after spotting him on social media.

Charles said he was “living out one of his biggest dreams” shooting the commercial.

A photo posted by COVERGIRL (@covergirl) on

The teenager shares his incredible makeup skills on Instagram, where he has racked up almost 500,000 followers.

One of his tweets also went viral across the world after Charles shared the story behind his flawless school yearbook photo..


Speaking about working with Charles on the shoot, pop star Perry said she was “honored to have the pleasure to announce the very first CoverBoy.”

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