03/11/2016 09:01 GMT | Updated 03/11/2016 11:42 GMT

'Strictly Come Dancing': James Jordan Makes Bold Ore Oduba Claim

He has his theories about who bosses are 'pushing to win'.

When you see James Jordan and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in the same headline, you know the chances are there’s a conspiracy theory imminent, and this time he’s accused the production team of playing favourites with the current crop of celebrities.

The former ‘Strictly’ professional, who voices his views on every episode of the show on Twitter each week, has admitted he thinks producers are putting Ore Oduba on a bit of a pedestal.

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James Jordan

Speaking to Digital Spy, he claimed: “I think [producers] will push for Ore to win.”

However, he became uncharacteristically tight-lipped when pushed for further comment, and when asked why he felt that way, said coyly: “I don’t know…”

Very interesting.

A ‘Strictly’ spokesperson declined to comment on the matter when contacted by HuffPost UK.

Ore is having a great time of it in the competition so far, and currently sits at second place on the overall leaderboard, behind former ‘Hollyoaks’ actor Danny Mac.

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Ore's face is pretty much what we do every time James Jordan speaks about 'Strictly'

The BBC Sport presenter is partnered with Joanne Clifton, and the two were the first couple of the series to get a 10 for their routine, bagging a whopping 39 of a possible 40 points from the judges as early as week four.

Last week, when it was noted by viewers that the judging panel were being a little stingier with their point-scoring than usual, the couple were among the pairings to bring in lower points than we’re used to seeing.

However, they did still manage to come in around the middle of the leaderboard for the evening, with Anastacia and Brendan Cole eventually getting the chop for their Halloween-inspired performance.

‘Strictly’ continues on Saturday (5 November) at 6.55pm on BBC One.

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