Jamie Laing Is Worried About A Very Different Strictly Come Dancing 'Curse' This Year

The Made In Chelsea star has been given a second chance, after being forced to step down from last year's series.

Jamie Laing has admitted he’s worried about a rather different Strictly Come Dancing “curse” in the lead-up to this year’s series.

Over the years, Strictly has become renowned for its so-called “curse”, which has seen its contestants and professionals getting together while competing in the show, even some who were in relationships before signing up.

However, as the stars prepare for this year’s launch, former Made In Chelsea star Jamie has revealed he is more concerned about his physical wellbeing than anything else.

Jamie Laing gets Strictly-fied ahead of this year's series
Jamie Laing gets Strictly-fied ahead of this year's series

Jamie – who was forced to back out of last year’s series after injuring himself while filming the launch show – explained (via Digital Spy): “If I get injured again it would look like I bottled it! So I really have to be careful. I’m not worried, I feel like I’m pretty fit and healthy.

“If something happens then the Strictly curse isn’t about me sleeping with someone else, it’s definitely about my foot!”

Jamie Laing at last year's Strictly launch
Jamie Laing at last year's Strictly launch
Lia Toby via Getty Images

The reality star has been given a second chance by Strictly bosses, and is one of 12 celebrities who’ve signed up for the upcoming run of the BBC dance show.

Over the summer, Jamie let slip that his foot injury may have been partly his own doing, after revealing that he’d been wearing lifts in his shoes to make him look taller.

“To tell you a little secret, the reason why I got it [the injury] was because I bought on Amazon these little things called lifts that give you a little bit more height in the old shoes,” he told Fubar radio. “Don’t buy those! Terrible things.”

This year’s Strictly launch show will be filmed next week, and will air on Saturday 17 October, with the first live show debuting the following weekend.


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