14/02/2017 11:05 GMT | Updated 14/02/2017 16:41 GMT

Jamie Oliver Shares Father-Son Photo With Baby River, But Some Parents Are Concerned

Many are concerned about the baby's safety.

Jamie Oliver shared an adorable father-son shot in the kitchen with baby River, but some parents are voicing their concerns.

The 41-year-old was holding his six-month-old son on his hip, while using his other hand to fry some food on the hob.

River Rocket seemed transfixed on the frying pan in front of him. 

Gotta start them young,” Oliver wrote on the photo on 9 February. “Bless baby River he’s so fascinated by the cooking.”

One person commented: “Even though you are more than an experienced chef Jamie, be careful. Cooking with a baby is one of the most dangerous things to do.”

Another person expressed their concerns, writing: “Also this is dangerous if that spits at the kid.

“He will get burned. Never ever take children that near a cooker.”

However, in the 1,500 comments since the photo was posted, many parents were able to relate to Oliver holding his child while cooking. 

Mums and dads commented on the fact it’s great that even celebrity chefs have to balance their babies on their hips to get a meal on the table.

They hit back at the critics, arguing that it’s a realistic photo of parenthood.

“How many times have mothers had to do cooking when they are holding their child?” one person wrote.

“I had a crying baby 24/7 and I couldn’t do anything. Yeah a hot pan is dangerous but then things can happen in a split second whether you are there or not.”

Another wrote: “What a beautiful photo. I always had my children in the kitchen with me whenever I was cooking, it’s what you have to do.”

Other parents loved the fact that Oliver was teaching his son about food and cooking from such a young age.

“Think kids should learn about making food from day dot,” wrote one person. “My daughter puts on her apron and watches me cook dinner most nights. I tell her what I’m doing as I’m cooking it.

“Teach them early, that’s what I say.”

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