Jeffree Star Is Releasing A Black Highlighter And People Are Freaking Out

'Finally a glow to match my soul!'

Highlighter obsessives, prepare yourselves.

Beauty vlogger and cosmetics creator Jeffree Star has invented the world's first black highlighter - and it's going to change the gothic makeup game forever.

Revealing a sneak preview of his new Skin Frost highlighter on Snapchat, Star showed off his dark gleaming creation. And people went crazy.

Star assured the shocked fans that his upcoming Skin Frost is "not for every day", but a special Halloween launch.

"The dope thing about the black highlighter, it makes the perfect diamond black metallic eyeshadow," he added.

Needless to say, the makeup fans of Twitter were Freaking. Out.

But not everyone was a fan.

Star's Skin Frost range of highlighters currently come in four gleaming shades, including mint green and lavender hues.

He's also teased fans by revealing he'll be releasing another new shade along with his black Halloween offering later this year.

Jeffree Star

Basically, we're all going to be glowing like nobody's business.