Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer Are Friends No More In New Super Bowl Ad

The pair's latest on-screen reunion for Uber Eats isn't as warm and fuzzy as fans may expect.
Jennifer Aniston in a new Uber Eats advert
Jennifer Aniston in a new Uber Eats advert
Uber Eats/YouTube

Two decades after their Friends characters skipped off into the sunset in the show’s iconic finale, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have reunited on-screen for a new ad campaign.

On Tuesday, Uber Eats unveiled a starry commercial featuring a memorable appearance by the two actors.

In the clip, Jen jokes that she has to forget something about her life to “make a little room” in her mind to remember the food delivery service’s many offerings.

It’s only when she bumps into her old co-star David on what appears to be the backlot of a film and television studio that it becomes clear exactly what she’s forgotten.

“Have we met?” she asks her former co-star.

After David unsuccessfully attempts to jog his old pal’s memory, he’s heard scoffing: “I hate this town.”

Last week, Uber Eats teased the campaign with short clip of soccer star David Beckham and his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, putting a cheeky spin on a viral scene from the 2023 documentary Beckham.

In addition to Jen, David and the Beckhams, the ad also features appearances by Usher, who winks at his forthcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, and fellow musician Jelly Roll.

Jen and David last came together in 2021, alongside their former co-stars, in a much-hyped Friends reunion special that saw them reflecting on the award-winning sitcom.

Their Uber Eats commercial will make its television broadcast debut during Super Bowl LVIII, which airs in the US on Sunday.

Watch Jennifer and David in action in their Uber Eats ad in the video above.


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