David Schwimmer

The Ross Geller actor will reunite with his co-stars when filming begins next week.
Including surprise celeb cameos, amazing A-list performances, political gags and one very sweary nan.
He and his former co-stars are set to begin filming on the one-off special in "a little over a month".
The unscripted TV special has suffered numerous set backs due to the pandemic.
David Schwimmer's name quickly began trending after the reality star's post.
"They all showed Gunther a complete lack of respect. Gunther should have banned them."
Ross and Emily's London wedding almost looked very different.
All six members of the cast have long been rumoured to be coming together for the first time since the show's finale in 2004.
He was called out by Ericka Alexander, who appeared in sitcom Living Single in the 1990s.