This Is Why Jennifer Aniston And Victoria Beckham's Super Bowl Ad Wound Up Sparking Controversy

UberEats were accused of using a "life-threatening" condition "for humour" in their star-studded ad campaign.
Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham in their UberEats ad campaign
Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham in their UberEats ad campaign

Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham’s ad for Uber Eats may have been the starriest during this year’s Super Bowl broadcast, but not everyone was so impressed by it.

The commercial – which also features appearances from Victoria’s husband David Beckham and Jen’s former Friends co-star David Schwimmer, as well as musicians Usher and Jelly Roll – centred around different people who had forgotten key things in their life.

This includes one man who apparently “forgot” that he was intolerant to peanut butter, as he was seen experiencing an allergic reaction including hives and facial swelling.

After the ad debuted, the awareness charity Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) wrote on X that they were “incredibly disappointed” by Uber Eats’ “use of life-threatening food allergies as humour in its Super Bowl ad”.

“Life-threatening food allergy is a disease, not a diet. Enough is enough,” they added.

Meanwhile, after speaking to Uber Eats, FARE’s CEO Sung Poblete said in a statement: “I have spoken with Uber, they are very appreciative of FARE’s valuable perspective and feedback and have made a change to the ad that will air to the Super Bowl’s wide audience, they are editing out the reference to the peanut allergy.”

Per Entertainment Weekly, a version of the ad without the allergy sequence is now streaming on YouTube, and the original video has been unlisted.

In their part of the ad, Jennifer was seen struggling to recall ever working with David, who was her co-star for 10 years on Friends.

Another section of the video saw the Beckhams failing to remember the name of Victoria’s chart-topping pop group, the Spice Girls.


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