Jennifer Lawrence Is Less Recognisable Than Jack Whitehall (Well, According To Harrison Ford, At Least)


If you stood Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Whitehall in front of a bunch of Americans, chances are that the vast majority of them would instantly recognise J-Law but would probably struggle to name Mr. Whitehall.

But that doesn’t apply to all-American star Harrison Ford, by all accounts.

Jennifer Lawrence.
Jennifer Lawrence.
Matt Crossick/PA Wire

The ‘Hunger Games’ actress has revealed that during a recent boozy night out with the British comic (yes, we know, we’re surprised they’re mates too), Jen spotted the ‘Star Wars’ legend and the director J.J. Abrams and went over to say hi.

Except it didn’t go quite as well as well as she thought.

During an appearance on this week’s ‘Graham Norton Show’, Jen recalls the toe-curling incident.

“I probably humiliated myself more than ever before,” she says. “I never assume anyone knows who I am, but when I spotted Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams I was like, ‘It’ll be fine, we’re all co-workers, right?’

“So I went up to them and started dancing like an idiot and the whole table just went quiet and stared at me.

" realised while I am dancing that they had absolutely no idea who I was so I just turned around and walked back to Jack dying of embarrassment.

Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Whitehall are joined by Johnny Depp and James McAvoy on this week's 'Graham Norton Show'.
Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Whitehall are joined by Johnny Depp and James McAvoy on this week's 'Graham Norton Show'.
Matt Crossick/PA Wire

Which is where it all goes completely random. We’ll, let Jack explain...

“The funny thing was I had just done this show with Harrison and he is the only A-list Hollywood star I’d met,” Jack says.

“Jen had just been blanked and I was like, ‘Hey, it’s alright, I’ll go and say hi to Harrison,’ and everyone was like, ‘Jack, don’t do this. It will be humiliating’.

"I got up and walk over and thinking, ‘Oh God maybe he won’t remember me and I’m going to be humiliated too.’

“And literally as I walked over he stood up and shouted, ‘Hey, Jack!’

“It was so funny. It was probably the best night of my life and Jen’s worst!”


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