Jennifer Saunders Claims Political Correctness Has Ended 'Absolutely Fabulous'

'People so take affront at everything.'

Jennifer Saunders has claimed political correctness has put paid to there being any more ‘Absolutely Fabulous’.

The comedian has ruled out resurrecting characters Edina and Patsy for another series of the BBC sitcom because people are now too easily offended.

Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders
Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders
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Speaking to the Press Association (via The Mirror), she said: “People are so politically correct now; we couldn’t get away with anything. You can’t even get away to be a politically incorrect character, because that is seen as being politically incorrect [sic].

“Everyone’s down on everyone for everything.”

Her co-star Joanna Lumley seemed to agree, adding it was best to “leave it where it is”.

“The world’s a bit funny now, it’s gone a bit strange, it’s a bit harder to parody,” Jennifer continued.

“Because so much of the world right now is so grim, and hard and fearful, and people so take affront at everything.”

Eddie and Patsy won't be back for more of their booze-fuelled antics
Eddie and Patsy won't be back for more of their booze-fuelled antics

‘Absolutely Fabulous’ had a outing on the big screen last year, which proved to be a hit at the box office.

However, it wasn’t without its controversy, as it faced accusations of racism when Janette Tough - best known for her portrayal of Wee Jimmy Krankie - was cast as fictional male Japanese fashion designer, Huki Muki.

Stand-up Margaret Cho who branded the casting as “yellowface”, by having a white actor playing an Asian character.

“#YELLOWFACE is racism. Sorry. It’s unacceptable,” she tweeted. “Not now. I was thrilled about #abfabmovie but now I just can’t be. I’m very disappointed.

“I love AbFab but #YELLOWFACE is something I cannot watch - I just can’t. It’s sad when heroes are no longer heroic. Too bad. #racism.”

She added: “It’s hard enough to get into film and TV as a person of color - and when roles written for us are played by white actors - it’s an outrage.”

Joanna previously spoke out against political correctness, claiming it was watering down British comedy.

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