20/08/2018 10:39 BST

Jeremy Clarkson's Critics Remind Him Of His Own Outburst After Column About Sensitive 'Young People'

'Mate, you punched someone because you couldn't have a hot meal...'

Jeremy Clarkson’s latest column about hypersensitive millennials has raised eyebrows, given his own history of overreactions.

In the Sunday Times column, titled ’Argue With Today’s Youth And They’ll Call You A Racist — Then Start Blubbing’, Clarkson recalls a recent dinner party, at which a “young person” at the table began crying when the subject of immigration was brought up, while another gave “a stare made from rage and bile”.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Jeremy Clarkson

He claimed: “Maybe it’s because young people live in a social media world of cyber-bullies who do not allow anyone to stray from the party line, but whatever, people under 25 have become as different as milk bottles. They have a hive mentality about all things.

“They know that tramps should be called homeless people, that cycling is good and the NHS is better. Oh and of course, they all know for sure that everything anyone says is racist.”

However, when the column began circulating on social media, many of Clarkson’s detractors were quick to point out that his own history of “sensitive moments” probably didn’t make him the best person to criticise others.

In 2015, having already revealed he was on a final warning about his previous use of racial slurs on the air, Jeremy Clarkson was axed from his presenting role on ‘Top Gear’. 

It followed what was branded at the time a “fracas” with a producer on set, while filming on location.

The bust-up was reported to have taken place when Clarkson was offered a cold meat platter, rather than the steak he had been under the impression he would receive.

Clarkson later issued an official apology to the producer in question, after settling a £100,000 claim over the altercation that cost him his job.

His co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May both stepped down from the show shortly after the controversy, and now present the Amazon Prime show ‘The Grand Tour’, alongside Clarkson.