The Jeremy Corbyn Christmas Single Is Coming

‘JC 4 PM 4 ME' 🎅🏻 😱

“I’m voting Jeremy Corbyn,

“I’m voting Jeremy C,

“I like his ideas, they’re fair and they’re clear,

“Jezza and me we agree.

“We’re all for peace and justice,

“And anti-austerity,

“We’re voting Jeremy Corbyn,

“J C for PM for me.”

So goes the teaser trailer for ‘JC 4 PM 4 ME’, a new Christmas single about... you guessed it, Jeremy Corbyn.

There are two things you need to know about it - firstly, it’s catchier than the annual office Christmas cold.

Secondly, all the money raised is being donated to the Trussell Trust.

Here’s some feedback from a few Twitter folk.

As yet there are no solid details on a release date.

Well, at least it’s not ‘Ukip Calypso’.