04/07/2016 15:08 BST

Jeremy Corbyn Claims Credit For Election Successes In Face Of Labour Leadership Challenge


Jeremy Corbyn has told Labour MPs to "come together" under his leadership, in a sign he has no intention of resigning.

In a video posted on Twitter on Monday afternoon, Corbyn issued a direct appeal to party members - who will vote in any leadership contest.

"I want to reach out to all our members, to all our supporters, to all our trade union affiliates and to my colleagues in parliament, come together now to oppose this Tory government," he says.

Many Labour MPs have accused Corbyn of running a lackluster EU referendum campaign that contributed to the Brexit outcome. But in the video he claims credit for turning out Labour voters.

He says: "Since my election as leader or our party last year, we have won every parliamentary by-election, some with vastly increased majorities, two thirds of our members voted to remain in the European union and we over took to e Tories in the local government elections."

This morning, former shadow business secretary Angela Eagle went public with her intention to challenge Corbyn for the leadership if he refused to quit.

Former Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Owen Smith has also gathered enough nominations from MPs to stand in any leadership contest, The Huffington Post UK understands.

Speaking outside her home, Eagle said: "It’s a week since Jeremy lost that vote of no confidence. There are many other people up and down the country wanting him to consider his position.

"He has not properly engaged with even the deputy leader of the party who was elected with a mandate too. It’s now time he did so. There are many people, MPs, party members, up and down the country asking me to resolve this impasse and I will if something isn’t done soon."

A rush of new members have signed up to the party, and HuffPostUK revealed that 60,000 people joined in the past week alone.

Today, the pro-Corbyn Momentum pressure group announced it had doubled its membership to 12,000 in the past week.

In a statement it said around 1500 people are giving over £11,000 per day to the organisation.