07/06/2017 23:49 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 14:15 BST

Jeremy Corbyn's Final General Election 2017 Message To HuffPost UK Readers

'This is an election when there is a real choice'.

Jeremy Corbyn has delivered a final general election message to HuffPost UK readers.

The Labour leader says he’s covered more than 60 cities across Britain in the last seven weeks ,”with a fundamental message of hope”.

“Hope that we will have a government that will invest in an economy for the future, hope that a government will invest in education, from free school meals to education and art and music to ending university tuition fees.

“And a health service that’s properly funded and worthy of the name.

“A Government that will defend our liberties as well as dealing with our security... a national investment bank, and decent fair pay and working conditions.

“This is an election where there is a real choice. A transformative agenda from Labour for the many not the few. 

“Or five more years of cuts and austerity and growing inequality in Britain. The choice is yours.”