Jeremy Corbyn Video Message Explains Why People Should Vote For Him In A Nutshell

'Hello, Huffington Post.'

Jeremy Corbyn has told people to “read widely” and “think deeply” in a video message recorded for The Huffington Post UK.

Corbyn revealed it was not “inevitable” he would quit if he lost a General Election in an exclusive interview with HuffPost UK, as well as discussing the polls, his future and feeding his cat, El Gato.

Speaking from a leisure centre in Swansea where he met HuffPost executive politics editor Paul Waugh, the Labour leader said his message to readers was to “enjoy the summer, read widely, think deeply and profoundly but be happy.”

Asked to summarise why people should vote for him in a nutshell, he said: “I hope people understand that what we’re doing in this leadership election is empowering people and communities, putting forward a different economic strategy and economic policy so that nobody - no people, and no communities - are left behind [and] we have an economy that works for all, everywhere.”

In the interview which can be read in full below, Corbyn also said recent criticism from Guardian columnist Owen Jones was “not welcome” but that the writer was still “a good friend”.


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