11/06/2017 19:36 BST

Jeremy Hunt's Unfortunate Name Is Causing Problems For Reporters Again

The curse strikes twice during the reshuffle.

The curse of Jeremy Hunt has struck again with two journalists mis-pronouncing his name in the most unfortunate way possible.

Reporters have been stationed on Downing Street to report on Tory ministers coming and going as Theresa May reshuffles her Cabinet following her election humiliation.

On the BBC’s rolling news channel, Ellie Price reflected on what might be happening with the Health Secretary ensconced in No 10.

“We’re waiting to hear from Jeremy C*** ... Hunt and some of the other people who have gone in,” she said.  

Price later tweeted ...

But it wasn’t the only slip of the tongue on Sunday. 

Over on Sky News, newsreader Claudia-Liza Armah was also having similar problems. “Beth, it looks like Jeremy C*** is going to be coming out with that NHS pin on his jacket,” she said to reporter Beth Rigby. 

Hunt remains at health, by the way. It’s not the first or second time broadcasters have been tongue-tied. Here’s Ricky Gervais capturing another Sky News broadcaster making the blunder two years ago.

And Radio 4 presenter James Naughtie tripped over his tongue when trailing an interview with the then Culture Secretary.

To put the tin hat on it, Andrew Marr made exactly the same gaffe when describing the incident on Start the Week only hours later.