Jeremy Vine's Cycling Video Shows Near Miss With Car In London

'He doesn’t care about my life or yours.'

Jeremy Vine has posted another video online showing a near miss he has had with a driver while cycling in London, saying the motorist is the “driver I fear” while cycling.

The journalist and broadcaster said that if he had been 10 seconds earlier on the way to work then he would have been the driver’s “victim”.

The video was uploaded to Facebook on Tuesday with the caption: “The cycle-commute in London sometimes involves you seeing a driver and thinking, ‘on another day he would have killed me.’ Watch the red car.”

The video begins with the caption ‘this is the driver I fear’ as Vine cycles down a busy London road.

The Radio 2 presenter gradually approaches a junction where a white car is waiting to pull out.

As Vine gets nearer, a red car suddenly darts out from behind the white vehicle.

Vine can be heard saying: “Wow.”

A caption on the video then reads: “He doesn’t care about my life or yours.”

The BBC journalist frequently speaks out about cyclists’ safety and last month lambasted a government campaign for “victim blaming” after an advert was released aimed at preventing crashes between cyclists and lorries.

In August, the 51-year-old posted a road rage clip of a motorist threatening to “knock him out”.

A woman was subsequently arrested over the incident.

After posting the video Vine was forced to defend himself after a commenter said the driver of the red car was a good distance from him.

Vine wrote: “To be clear - for the user who said ‘he was a long way from you’ - his actions did not threaten me directly.

“But he pulled out of a side road at speed when he couldn’t possibly see if the cycle lane was clear, and had I been 10 seconds earlier to work I would have been his victim.”

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