PMQs: Labour's Jess Phillips Calls For U-Turn On Housing Charge Hitting Women's Refuges

David Cameron on back foot over housing benefit cap

Labour MP Jess Phillips has called on David Cameron to "save lives" by sparing women's refuges from a new housing benefit crackdown.

Shelters for families fleeing domestic violence are paid by women handing over housing benefit to help with their costs.

Activists fear the Government’s plans to effectively cap housing benefit will force some to close.

At Prime Minister's Questions, the MP for Birmingham Yardley pointed to 46 women murdered in the UK this year.

She added: "This number would be a lot higher if it were not for specialist refuges. I am standing to beg the PM, will he exempt refuges? Will he choose to save lives? Please, please."

The Prime Minister hinted at a dispensation, saying the Government had "delayed the introduction of this change so we could look at all the possible consequences of this and make sure we get it right so we can help vulnerable people".


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