22/09/2017 08:53 BST

Jess Phillips Nails Vince Cable On Tuition Fees And Bedroom Tax On BBC Question Time

'There is certainly no way I’m going to forget university tuition fees.'

Jess Phillips pulled no punches on Thursday night’s Question Time when she tore into Vince Cable.

The Labour MP said that she was hearing less and less that all parties were the same, before rounding on the Liberal Democrat leader.

She said: “There is absolutely no way, as somebody who fought the Lib Dems into third place behind the Conservatives, and having had my seat, there is no way I am going to forget the bedroom tax.

“There is no way I am going to forget the cutting of police under the watch of the Liberal Democrats, and there is certainly no way I’m going to forget university tuition fees.

“The very idea that it would be a moderate position is ridiculous. It would be a right wing position, as far as I’m concerned.”

Jess Phillips tore into Vince Cable over his party's record on tuition fees

Cable attempted to shoot back by bringing up the row over Jeremy Corbyn’s pledges on student debt.

He said: “Jess, you said there’s no way you’re going to forget university tuition fees.

“Well, in the last general election, Jeremy Corbyn went into the election promising to eliminate student debt.

“Immediately after the election he had to admit that he couldn’t possibly.”

But Phillips was having none of it, countering: “I won’t take advice on lies about tuition fees from the Liberal Democrats.”

Cable replied: “All the parties have let down students, all of us.”

Vince Cable claimed that 'all the parties have let down students'

He has previously come under fire for his comments on tuition fees, after suggesting scrapping them would be “very dangerous and stupid”.

He was part of the coalition government that increased tuition fees from £3,000 to £9,000. 

The Lib Dems faced a huge uproar over the move, having promised to oppose tuition fee increases during the campaign.