06/06/2017 10:16 BST

Jessica Simpson Criticised For Posting Instagram Photo Of Five-Year-Old Daughter Posing In Bikini

'This is wrong.'

Jessica Simpson has come under fire for the latest photo she has shared of her five-year-old.

The 36-year-old singer shared three snaps of her daughter Maxwell Drew wearing a bikini and helmet while posing outside on her scooter.

Simpson captioned the photos, shared on Monday 5 June: “Safety first!”

Some fans shared their concerns about the way Maxwell was posing.

“She’s a doll but with all the crazies on social media, not sure it’s the best picture to post of your little girl,” one person wrote. 

Another person commented on the photos: “Jess I love you, but as a mum to a little girl myself, this is not an appropriate picture for the world to see.

“You never know who’s looking and that bikini is tiny especially for a child. Why is she posing like that?”

Others called the snaps “inappropriate” and “wrong”. 

“Put some clothes on that kid,” another commented. “People can download this photo and have it themselves, do you really want that?”

However Simpson’s fans defended the photo, arguing that she shouldn’t be blamed for the “creeps” in the world.

“Well let’s just all live in fear because there are paedophiles,” one wrote. “And not take any cute pics of our kids due to the crazies. Let’s let them decide our lives. Not.”

Another wrote: “Why is Jessica Simpson being blamed for the creeps of the world? A mama can’t try to predict what will set a creep off, all she can do is love and be true to her babies.

“It gets old reading these comments. We can’t live out our lives worrying about them constantly. I think this photo is adorable.”

Simpson is mum to Maxwell, five, and Ace, four, with her husband Eric Johnson. 

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