Jimmy Carr Meeting The Queen Gets The Photoshop Battle It Deserves

What's going on with his face?

A picture of comedians Jimmy Carr and Peter Kay meeting Queen Elizabeth from the 2012 Diamond Jubilee concert has been dredged up so it can receive the Photoshop battle it always needed.

Dave Thompson/PA Archive

Jimmy's odd facial expression and Peter Kay's remarkable outfit have led to quite a few people firing up Photoshop to edit the picture.

Was he trying to melt her face with his heat vision?

Or does this moving version of the picture prove David Icke write about humanoid lizards?

Obviously there was the obligatory face swap

And the obligatory Nicolas Cage

It was a bit awkward when Jimmy and Her Maj showed up in the same outfit

This one might make sense of his facial expression...

And here's one just for fun

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