Jimmy Fallon Played Ping Pong With Prince And The Story Is Hilarious

Prince went to extreme lengths to play Jimmy Fallon at table tennis.

The entertainment world was rocked to its core last week with the new that Prince had passed away, and many chose to dedicate segments of shows to the singer.

Jimmy Fallon was clearly moved by the loss of the great rock star, and spent a few minutes on 'The Tonight Show' reflecting with Questlove, the drummer of his in-house band.

It happened around the time Fallon’s daughter Winnie was born. Questlove got a text that “he,” aka Prince, wanted to take Jimmy on in a game of table tennis.

Despite recently having a baby and later being at dinner, Fallon dropped everything and showed up at Susan Sarandon‘s ping-pong club, SPiN, to accept the music icon’s challenge.

The rest of the story is so ridiculous that you need to hear it from Fallon himself, but it all culminates with Questlove showing up late and running to Prince’s car to find out what happened. Let’s just say the singer simply replied, “Ask your boy.”

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