17/09/2021 13:46 BST

People Are Outraged Over Celebrity Scandals That Didn't Happen On Jimmy Kimmel's Talk Show

But they weren't afraid to comment about fictional misdeeds of the famous in street interviews.

Oprah Winfrey, actor Timothée Chalamet and other celebrities committed totally fictional misdeeds Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel’s US talk show.

But that didn’t stop people on the street from expressing real outrage in the talk show’s inaugural segment of ”#CancelNation.”

When asked to comment on the made-up controversies, the respondents demanded that the entertainers apologise.

They even elaborated on what they say they saw in connection with the scandals which, again, never happened.

We hope this will serve as a warning for famous folks to never truly eat kangaroo meat illegally, punch dolphins or get busted for tax evasion at age 13.