24/06/2021 09:54 BST

Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Surest Sign Yet That Trump Has Turned On Ivanka

The late-night host said the former president has grown distant from his own daughter since leaving the White House.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel got a kick out of a CNN report that claimed Ivanka Trump and Jared Kusher have distanced themselves from Donald Trump

“Trump’s inner circle is almost as small as his hands right now,” Jimmy cracked on Wednesday night’s edition of his US show. 

The former president’s constant gripe sessions about the 2020 election have led his daughter and son-in-law, both of whom served as White House advisers, to keep away from Mar-a-Lago this past spring, the news network reported.

“Trump has reportedly become so distant from Ivanka he’s started calling her Eric, which is really sad,” Jimmy said. 

See his full Wednesday night monologue above.