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The “West Wing” star said he had meant to send the message to Robert Downey Jr.
"I was just like, smelling his cologne, and I started like, breathing in the same rhythm as him," the Golden Globe winner told Jimmy Kimmel.
The goofy celebrity feud seemed headed toward a video-call truce, but technology.
The late-night host finally finds an honest Trump claim.
Filling in for Jimmy Kimmel, the Drag Race host shared some "rules for the unruly."
After Lizzo noted that her fans were called the “Lizzbians,” the One Direction singer joked that he called his followers the “Horandogs.”
It turns out the two had never even met when the feud first began nearly 20 years ago.
The late-night host said the former president has grown distant from his own daughter since leaving the White House.
The talk show host's warning to the man was definitely out there.